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And when to put one microphone between two toms, I can not imagine anything more to the latter. Tested c535eg drums, it was beautiful! I will not repeat what has excellently said Some even prefer it to mike up a snare drum.

More information about that can be found at www. What kind of a microphone? It has a built-in filter, something that is also very practical!

AKG C535EB Microphone

Many reviewers c535ev about how they’ve used this mic on stage for years and never had any problems with it. Rapprt excelent value for female voices.

Good c535e, cheap, easy to use: Have c5335eb tried many other models before acqurir? And some guitars, remote if you want to capture the reverb of a room. Much clearer and detailed an old SM58, much cleaner! The C EB has a recessed four way switch to adjust the signal: Singing the snare, to the resumption of amp However, cash out the hits snare for example I also like the fact that for a static, it is not sensitive to larsens and handling noise, which is quite handy on stage.


AKG C EB Meta Review | Gearank

I would do this choice, double! Log in Become a member. How do you report qualitprix? A very common comment is that this mic helped their singing cut through the mix and allowed their voice to stand out. It has its price, but it’s a great mic, used on many things, which is not to be overlooked!

I found this microphone at a folk festival, there was a lot on stage to the beats accordions, guitars, flutes, violins Have you tried many other models before acquiring this one? AKG has brought out more models that do not shine like their predecessors. It is not overpriced, his job done perfectly, whatever you ask for? A C that 10 years is not worth much. This is one of the types that feature in my book Witnesses of Words, which was recently released.

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Skip to main content. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Thank c355eb thank you Arnaud, “Plastok2” on this site, my guru, for advice. This mic is particularly popular with male singers with a low register due to it’s brightness on v535eb high-end and the level of control it gives you on the low-end, but it is highly regarded by singers of all types.

With experience, I most certainly do it again this choice. The pick-jack creek and the creaking chanterelle. I had and have other static in their hands, and this one serves me absolutely still on percussion and often on other things. Fairly small membrane suspended and well protected by a fairly effective windscreen against wind noise and plosives but not perfect.


And it works great! Overall This mic is particularly popular with male singers with a low register due to it’s agk on the high-end and the level of control it gives you on the low-end, but it is highly regarded akgg singers of all types.

The voice if it may be appropriate for the preproduction brass also make good Resistors with good feedback. The C is one d535eb my microphones prfrs. Some say that the charge of electrets weakens over time, but my own old and trusted C EB does not show any signs of that at all.


It has also received many positive comments from people who have used it for miking snare to capture a bright sound when recording. C535sb two position attenuator.

Electret cardioid microphone on scene. The colors above are the same as in the legend for the polar pattern chart below. On certain aspects Larsen, treble is even better.

Versatile What type of technology?