Amercoat Chemical Resistant Lining. Product Data/. Application Instructions. • High Solids, high performance epoxy novolac also defined. Amercoat – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. This Safety Data Sheet is prepared in accordance with Annex II to Regulation ( EC) No. / AMERCOAT CHEMICAL LINING CURE.

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Pump lubricant material through the pump and delivery hose, collecting the material in a 5-gallon can. Burned through areas may be present this happens especially when welding thin steel and these should then be treated as per burned areas above.

Buyer s failure to notify PPG of such non-conformance as required herein shall bar Buyer from recovery under this warranty. Furnish all labor, materials, tools and More information. Apply primer as soon as possible to avoid rusting of blasted surfaces. See specific primer for surface preparation details. Colors 2553 not matched to a specific standard. When mixing more than a unit of material at a time, a ft 3 revolving drum mixer or mortar mixer is recommended. Higher surface profiles up to 4 mils are acceptable, but the product must be applied in a thickness great enough to achieve a minimum of 2.

See system ameroat Ensure surface is free of dust prior to coating application.


Stainless Steel Abrasive blast with hard angular abrasive to achieve a uniform and dense mil anchor profile. A suitably finished surface must have a uniform surface texture exposing fine aggregate resembling coarse sandpaper. Thinner Amercoat 65, Amercoat Cleaning solvent Amercoat 12 Cleaner or Amercoat 65 thinner xylene Primers Direct to substrate, Dimetcote 9-series primers Safety precautions For paint and recommended thinners see safety sheetand relevant material safety data sheets This is a solvent borne paint and care should be taken to avoid inhalation of spray mist or vapor as well as contact between the wet paint and exposed skin or eyes.


Aged Coatings and Repairs Ensure the coating system is sound and well adhered. Work on this project shall consist of, but is not limited to, the following: Treat with chromating conversion coatings or phosphatizing agents. For airless spray use a Graco, or equalgun with fluid tip ofand a Graco Bulldog Pump at Lightly abrade if surface appears glazed. Abrasive blasting is usually the most effective and economical method.

Amercoat pdf Do not prime stainless steel with a zinc primer. A moisture and oil trap in the main line is recommended. Refer to Information Bulletin for further information. Aluminum formulas may show roller patterns. Hold gun from the surface at right angles.

Dry spray and poor film characteristics may occur as well. Precision Amercoqt utilizes high grade resins and automotive grade pigments to produce extended life cycle finishes that meet the needs of architects, designers and specifiers.

Not recommended over chromate sealed galvanizing without blasting to thoroughly remove chromates. If necessary, mix smaller quantities at the ratio of 6 parts powder to 1 part liquid by weight.

It is highly advisable to rinse the steel prior to topcoating when steel will be subject to ponding water or condensation from high humidity conditions in service. Galvanizing that has at least 12 months of 2533 weathering and has a rough surface with white rust anercoat may be over-coated after power washing and cleaning to remove white rust and other contaminants.

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Anti-corrosive system should have a 235 dry film thickness of smercoat mils. Hi-Temp VS has excellent spray application properties and is resistant to cobwebbing.

Concrete New Slabs All surfaces to be coated must be strong and sound, contain no additives or hardeners, and should not be treated with other sealers or conventional curing compounds containing waxes, silicones, or silicates. Remove all surface contaminants such as oil, grease, and embedded chemicals. We take conventional alkyd chemistry and emulsify it in water to deliver a unique.


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This application is similar to mist coating. Fluid applied flexible acrylic waterproofing system over concrete. Product can be specified as a single coat system in certain applications. Add remaining binder and continue stirring until the mixture is homogenous. Topcoat and Amercoat to be sure. Apply DSP 3 as soon as possible after blasting to avoid rusting or other contamination. There is no data available for this product.

Thoroughly remove dust or abrasive residue before touch-up. a,ercoat

Do not use brush with synthetic bristlesand brush out the blister before it sets. Material temperature must be maintained at 60 to 90 F at the time of application.

Repair Ensure the coating system is sound and well adhered. Avoid mechanical damage and abrasion. Galvanized surfaces that have been passivated with a chromate treatment must be abrasive blasted.

Therefore, PPG does not accept any liability arising from any loss, injury or damage resulting from such use or the contents of this information unless there are written agreements stating otherwise.

For tank lining, dehumidification equipment is highly recommended. Blistering of the paint system used in a steel water tank indicates that the steel surface was not cleaned. Surface temperature 40 F to F 5 C to 54 C Surface temperature must be at least 5 F above the dew point temperature.

Safety precautions For paint and recommended thinners see safety sheetand relevant material safety data sheets This is a solvent borne paint and care should be taken to avoid inhalation of spray mist or vapor as well as contact between the wet paint and exposed skin or eyes. For high temperature applications, a maximum of 3 mils is allowed.