Comments, Questions, and Answers related to “Water Hammer (Time History) Example” in AutoPIPE. Note: 1. There is a complete Fluid. Dec , AutoPIPE V8i Elbow / Bend Pipe Supports Examples. AutoPIPE online help has the following 5 elbow support example. AutoPIPE has 9 different types of pipe supports. Notes, Spring Hanger Related Topics, Guide-Related Topics, Modeling Examples, etc.

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TIH files, the highest Joukowski pressure in the transient ex. The trapezoid in autopioe example help file doesn’t compare with the time history profile in the model Answer: The following list contains detailed information about specialized modeling techniques with AutoPIPE: Notice the affect it has on the anchors for the respective load cases.

Solutions include multi-discipline design and analysis, project collaboration, engineering content management, and asset lifecycle information management.

02. Elbow / Bend Pipe Supports Modeling Examples in AutoPIPE

I am having trouble making sense of the cold spring cut short utility in Autopipe. Run, Bend, Tee command. Cut short is better explained by a series of images and load sequencing: This is just an arbitrary short time to establish the Fluid flow in the example.


In addition, a cut cannot be specified at a bend. A good video and reference material can be found at the following website: Overall the user is responsible for selecting the actual values used in their analysis. Questions about this article, topic, or product? Apply More Than 1 Piping Code. Share History More Cancel.

Piping and Vessel Design and Analysis Software Reduce the cost and time to produce compliant piping and vessel designs for any plant environment, including nuclear. Model Non-metallic Plastic Piping i. See the “Calculation” section of the example above. Tutorial – Training – Distance Learning – etc With that said, this is just an example that used arbitrary values from the typical range.

Miscellaneous Modeling Techniques a. Bell foot type concrete supports in Soil. In addition, the intent of the examples is to present ways to create adequate models of specific piping components for analytical purposes.

Questions about this article, topic, or product? Pipe Rack support 5. In this case the lag time is less than the rise time. Ring Main circular header. Sway Brace support 3. On step 9, what is the hz selected, ie whywhy notwhere did you get from.

Smart Pig going thru the Pipeline. Cut-Short high operating temperature” with the following exceptions; apply cut short on the horizontal leg to U1 load case, and cut short on the vertical leg to U2 load case see Forum page: Soil Properties Underground Piping.


Modeling Approaches in AutoPIPE – AutoPIPE Wiki – AutoPIPE – Bentley Communities

A similar shock wave is assumed to travel down the suction line. By-Pass, Join autolipe pipe runs, etc. Another words the first shock wave ends and the 2nd one begins, See “W1. By-Pass, Join 2 pipe runs, etc. This help has been provided in order to give users ideas for modeling typical piping arrangements.

Suggest using the same in your modeling. Share History More Cancel.

Model Non-metallic Plastic Piping i. Model Non-metallic Plastic Piping i. Model Non-metallic Plastic Piping i.

When referring to a V-stop, the bearing spring stiffness is Rigid and only acts in the Vertical direction regardless of the modeled pipe slope. Questions about this article, topic, or product?

EquipmentSupports, and Structure a. Applies To Product s: This help has been provided in order to aid users in modeling more complex piping arrangements. Dynamic “Time History” Analysis.