09/Aug/, CC, 80, 01/Jul/, 25/Oct/, National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse (Consequential Amendments) Act. Recent Cases Bankruptcy Act Year & No: Act No. 33, Purpose: An Act This item may be affected by COMMONWEALTH REDRESS SCHEME FOR . Bankruptcy Act (Cth) – CC – Start date: 26/10/

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Consent of Official Receiver to the cashing etc. For the purposes of this Act, the financial affairs of a trust include:.

Stay of legal proceedings Production of bills of exchange and promissory notes Financial affairs of a company Accordingly, this compilation does not show the text of the compiled law as modified. Registration as a trustee Effect of composition or scheme of arrangement Court may inquire on application of creditors etc Processing of debt agreement proposal Redemption of security by trustee etc Vesting and transfer of property Limitation of time for making claims by trustee etc Proof in respect of distinct contracts Rules in relation to meetings For the purposes of this Act, a partnership is associated with a person if, and only if, the person:.


Payments by cheque or payment order Subdivision E—Disciplinary action by committee. Duties of bankrupt as to discovery etc.

Committee must only use information etc. Annulment on payment of debts Protection of certain transfers of property against relation back etc. No stamp duty payable on a debt agreement Ccth telephone conference facilities are available Review of remuneration etc Moneys in Common Fund not held on account of particular estates etc.

Terminating a debt agreement by order of the Court Paying money out of administration account Service of notices etc For more information on any uncommenced amendments, see the series page on the Legislation Register for the compiled law. Protection of certain payments to bankrupt etc Release of provable debts Certain provisions in trust deeds void Copy of notice of objection to be given to bankrupt Additional duties of controlling trustee Withdrawal of proposal to vary a debt agreement Home Acts In force Details: Application of the Criminal Code Application of estates of joint debtors No time limit on making assessment For more information axt any uncommenced amendments, see the series page on the Legislation Register for the compiled law.


Superannuation contributions made to defeat creditors—contributor is a person who later becomes a bankrupt Power of Official Receiver to obtain statement of affairs 77D Property divisible among creditors Duties of an administrator—general Trustee not to pay moneys into private account Borrowing for the Common Fund Commencement of administration under Part Execution of personal insolvency agreements Trustee to supervise withdrawals from supervised account False declaration by debtor or bankrupt Payment of unclaimed moneys to the Commonwealth Constructive income acct arrangements Payment of fees etc.

Registration as a debt agreement administrator Courts to help each other Legislative instruments determining fees