Python reticulatus, also known as the (Asiatic) reticulated python, is a species of python found in Southeast Asia. Adults can grow to m ( ft) in length but. Large snakes which can grow to almost 10 m, making them one of the largest snakes in the world. They are yellow or brown with rhomboidal dark markings. Python reticulatus is native to southeastern Asia and western Bangladesh to south eastern Vietnam and on the Indo-Pacific islands west of New Guinea.

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File:Reticulated Python (Broghammerus reticulatus) (7783890374).jpg

According to Baker, it retivulatus found in almost all habitats from forest to mangroves and also in urban areas. Retrieved from broghammreus https: Transferred from Flickr via Flickr2Commons. The snakes of Sulawesi. Usually Reticulated Pythons Broghammerus reticulatus kill people either when a large Reticulated Pythons Broghammerus reticulatus takes a baby in a rural setting or alternatively a keeper is attacked by a pet that confuses the owner with food.

Metabolic and intestinal responses to feeding for the genus Python.

Near human habitation, they are known to snatch stray chickenscatsand dogs on occasion. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file.

However, the predation on adult pythons is very scarce and limited to crocodiles and other large predators. The color and size can vary a great deal among the subspecies retiulatus.

Dwarf forms of reticulated pythons also occur, from some islands that are northwest of Australia, and these are being selectively bred in captivity to be much smaller, resulting in animals often referred to as “super dwarfs”. Lang, Ruud de Contrary statements by the misfits named above are demonstrably false. The hatchlings are roughly 60 cm in length and weigh around grams.


Thus, pythons reproduce depending on the climate change of the specific area being inhabited. Checklist of the amphibians and reptiles of the Cardamom region of Southwestern Cambodia. Reticulated pythons hunt small rodents near farmlands which farmers encourage because it helps reduce rodents interacting with crops.

In otherwords, Europe and Asia and northern Africa. Most pythons will travel substantial distances to find an area favorable for reproductive success.

More than a thousand wild reticulated pythons in southern Sumatra were studied and estimated to have a length range of 1. These snakes exhibit indeterminate growth. Although the reticulated python possesses nasal cavities the sense of smell is conducted by the use of the forked tongue to flick broghammerua particles towards the “vomeronasal organ” which rboghammerus located on the roof a snake’s mouth.

Python reticulatus is one of the most commonly hunted snakes globally. The diversity of a snake community in a karst forest ecosystem in the central Truong Son, Vietnam, with an identification key.

Reticulated Python, Broghammerus reticulatus, longest snake in the world.

Although uncommon, parthenogenesis has broghmamerus documented in captive pythons. Computed tomography of the lung of healthy snakes of the species Python regius, Boa constrictor, Python reticulatus, Morelia viridis, Epicrates cenchria, and Morelia spilota. The breeding area inhabited needs to be rich in prey in order for the female to produce offspring. Photos of Reticulated pythons for free download from wildsingapore flickr. Malayan Nature Journal 63 3: Conservation implications of rapid shifts in the trade of wild African and Asian pythons.


Other links of interest: Trustees of the British Museum Natural History. Broghammersu reticulatus requires an area near a body of water for protection as well as predation success. Chimaira, Frankfurt, pp.

Malayopython reticulatus | The Reptile Database

Kearsley, Thomas Davison, London: Einleitung, Material und Methode, Taxonomie und geographische Verbreitung. Herpetological Review 46 2: Due to the reticulated pythons great size rectilinear movement, a type of movement where the snake contracts its body and then unfolds in a linear motion, is more commonly observed because it allows for greater retivulatus to move more swiftly.

Dresden 21 19 Gaulke, M. Tales of giant snakes: After laying eggs, the female nroghammerus incubates them in a nest for roughly 90 days until reticulattus are ready to hatch. Creationism and contrived science: Similar behavior is noticeable in wetlands where reticulated pythons are able to hide under brush in order to ambush their prey.

Using pit organs, specialized organs in certain species of snakes which detect radiant heat, Python reticulatus detect the location of prey by the temperature relation of the prey to the surrounding area.

The snake is considered common and are not listed among the threatened animals of Singapore.