Read Cancelled Comic Cavalcade comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages – just need to scroll to read next page. Cancelled-Comic-CavalcadePage-1 The legendary “DC Implosion” of June (leading to the sudden cancellation of twenty-six new titles. From the rubble In our final installment serializing excerpts from Comic Book Implosion — Keith Dallas and John Wells’ minutely detailed oral.

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The compilation also included a gallery of unused cover art, including:. Leading off the collected issues is Kamandi 60written by Jack C.

Harris with art by Dick Ayers and Danny Bulanadi.

As Doctor Canus and his other companions fight the kangarats who opened the rift, Kamandi views the entirety of the multiverse. A voice from the vortex gives him a choice: Torn between the tantalizing possibility of living in a world without the Great Disaster and losing his friends leads him to choose to return home.

The story was eventually serialized and published in Warlord cavalcave and Eagerly agreeing, Jed heads out and calls the Sandman with his special whistle. Sandman agrees to help and takes Jed to the northern polar reaches of the Dream Stream to meet Santa. The pair are locked in a cell cafalcade Santa, although Sandman easily effects their comis.

The Seal Men recapture them, however, and take them before their king.

Rodney Gotrox had followed Jed in order to prevent his uncle from giving away his inheritance. Gotrox hands Santa the million-dollar check, admitting he had decided to give Jed the money regardless. Returning to the framing story, Kamandi remarks that what he just saw seems familiar. The Sandman explains that it should; in another reality, he IS Jed! He then takes Kamandi back through the Dream Stream to his world, where they arrive in the midst of the battle from the previous issue. Ben Boxer and the other mutants had managed to defeat the kangarats by joining their cavwlcade and creating an energy davalcade, but their creation was out of control and attacking Doctor Canus, Spirit, and the others.

The Sandman story has the dubious distinction of being canceled twice, first when the original Sandman title was canceled, and then again when Canfelled was axed. Prez was a creation of the other half of the Simon-Kirby team, Joe Simon. Instead, he uses his flute to round up all the insects and lead cavalcadw out of town. Prez refuses to pay, so a month later, Clyde reappears canvelled kidnaps a group of children from conics White House lawn. While transiting the Zero-Zone between worlds, he is captured by Zekie, a warlord who has conquered the Zero-Zone and is massing his forces to invade both Earth and Meta.


Fitted with a collar of obedience, Shade is forced to march with the other slaves and discovers Xexlo, the former ruler of the zone, is similarly captive. Shade manages to break out of his collar but is forced to free Xexlo, too.

Cancelleed are discovered and pursued, though, until Xexlo comes across an acid pool, which re-energizes him. They confront Zekie, but Xexlo blindsides Shade cavzlcade attempts to defeat Zeckie himself but fails.

As he attempts to find his gear and leave, Xexlo attacks, forcing Shade to toss him into a pit of anti-acid, presumably destroying him. As the story draws to a close, Shade returns to Earth and prepares to begin his mission to stop Doctor Z. The Odd Man foils the pair, but the Pharaoh accidentally mummifies the queen, and in despair, mummifies himself.

This story eventually was published in Detective Comics Had Showcase Comics not ended with issuethe next two issues would have featured Deadman and the Creeper. Surprised, and in pain, he follows it to its source: Inside, a group of scientists are performing a seance to summon him, thinking he is the poltergeist wreaking havoc around the facility.

As Deadman appears before them, a fire breaks out, freeing him but forcing him cancelleed help the people escape.

Determined to find out their motivations, he decides to stick around. He soon discovers Annabelle Lee, one of the scientists, has unconsciously been causing the strange occurrences with telekinesis. Her powers go haywire, and Deadman dives into her mind to try to help, but he is foiled by some unknown force, and Annabelle is left in a coma.

Retroactive Continuity: Cancelled Comic Cavalcade #1

He eventually discovers Annabelle has been controlled by Dr. Freed for good, Annabelle promises to help Deadman find a way to communicate with the rest of the world, but when she returns to the facility, she finds it destroyed, leaving her without resources to make good on her promise. This story eventually made its way into Adventure Comicsminus a few pages. Also included is Showcase Comics Jack has to keep coimcs his co-workers to protect his secret identity as he cancelle transforms back and forth.

Eventually, he deduces that Dr.

Cancelled Comic Cavalcade Vol 1 | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Storme is none other than Al Whetly, the former weatherman whom Sunny replaced. Storme attacks again, the Creeper is prepared with protection against his lightning and suction cups to anchor him against the wind. Confounded by his inability to dislodge the Creeper, Storme pushes his devices past their limits, overloading them and killing himself. Two of my favorite series from the s were Freedom Fighters and The Secret Society of Super-Villainsand my favorite team of all time is the Justice Society of America, so how great is it to have all three appear together in Secret Society of Super-Villains 16 and 17?

Meanwhile, in their undercover guise as a troupe of circus performers, the fugitive Freedom Fighters receive a tip that the Silver Ghost has been spotted in five different cities at once.


The Ghost was responsible for their current outlaw status in their own recently-canceled bookand they needed to capture him to clear their names. Having captured the Atom and Dr.

Cancelled Comic Cavalcade Vol 1 2 | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Terriffic, who proves to be no match for Blockbuster. After a short battle, the pair of heroes are captured. That leaves only two Freedom Fighters left: Firebrand and the Human Bomb! The duo are on a plane to Coast City, and along the way the Human Bomb shares a quick recap of his origin story. The fight begins, and the Human Bomb makes short work of Quakemaster, but Killer Moth wraps him up in a cocoon that neutralizes his explosive powers.

Meanwhile, Firebrand confronts the Silver Ghost, who disarms him by calling him by his true name, Rod Reilly, and unmasks, revealing a familiar face at least to Rod.

Sadly, the story ends there. Steel, the Indestructible Man 6 would have been the next issue of the original series had it survived the implosion, but, alas, it became part of Cancelled Comic Cavalcade 2 instead.

Volunteering for a suicide mission to kidnap Adolph Hitler, he parachutes behind enemy lines but is captured and thrown into a concentration camp. Striking the commandant instead, it sears his face. Mari had been rescued from the coup by a priest who spirited her to America, where she had been adopted. After performing a ceremony which unlocks its power, Mari puts together a costume and heads to the United Nations to confront Manitoba. Tracking him from the building, she discovers he is heading out to kill the one witness to the massacre that killed her father — Reverend Peak, the man who had rescued her.

Vixen fights Manitoba with her new animal-based powers, and he dies after a heavy cross falls on him.

DC Implosion

With her ghosts put to rest, Mari decides to continue using her powers as Vixen. And there you have it! It caancelled like a no-brainer. This could even be a collectible event! If it were successful, it could even lead to new compilations of old, unpublished file stories that clutter the DC Vaults. Home Contact Columns ComicAttack. Studios Catalyst Prime Com. Cancelled Comic Cavalcade 2 Genres.

The compilation also included a gallery of unused cover art, including: Oh, and the Odd Man makes a cameo in this story, too! I would add it to Cancellrd pull list! Tom McNeely tom comicattack.