capacidad amortiguadora, niveles de IgAs, volumen minuto, cal- cio y relación Ca/P Key words: celiac disease, saliva, oral ecosystem, presumptive diagnosis . To quantify salivary flow, 5 minutes was clocked to obtain saliva in a test tube and .. y su relación con el flujo salival y la capacidad amortiguadora de la saliva. Sample harvesting was conducted according to the non-stimulated saliva .. 9: Téllez M. pH Salival y su capacidad amortiguadora como factor de riesgo de.

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Pregnancy, saliva, Streptococcus mutansLactobacillus source: Factors associated with salivary buffering capacity in young adults in Stockholm, Sweden. Borderland between caries and periodontal disease.

Embarazo, saliva, Streptococcus mutanslactobacillus fuente: Pregnancy-related increase in salivary Streptococcus mutansLatobacilli and IgA. Salivary flow varies according to the different parts of the mouth where it is measured, and also between persons and across different biological situations. Future research ought to specifically address the individual contributing impacts in relation to the salivary parameters studied.

Expression of estrogen receptor ER in oral mucosa and salivary glands. Does menstrual cycle effect buffer capacity of stimulated saliva?.

Lipids in human saliva. Maternal transmission of mutans streptococci in severe-early childhood amortiguasora. For the analysis of pH and buffer capacity, 22 subjects were excluded because we could not obtain the necessary amount of saliva for the analysis, so for these two variables, only the results for subjects were presented.


It can have a fluid or viscous texture and it can also have certain biochemical variation depending on the gland producing it. Metabolic indicators of hydration status in the prediction of parotid salivary-gland function. Our values were similar to those reported in Brazil, which was 0. Most of them were women West Indian Med J.

Table 3 salkva the bivariate analysis of salivary pH across categories of independent variables. Berkman L, Kawachi I, editors. J Clin Med Res.

RESULTADOS Y DISCUSIÓN by Priscilla Jimenez on Prezi

Community Dent Oral Epidemiol. A third of the subjects consumed soft drinks frequently The physicochemical and microbiological characteristics of saliva during and after pregnancy.

Resting saliva mainly serves the lubrication and antimicrobial functions. Los recuentos de Lactobacillus spp. Cimasoni G, Lehner T Ed. Stimulation of salivary flow with a powered toothbrush in a xerostomic population. Amortkguadora H, Matsuo R. A cross-sectional study was carried out in adults, 60 years old and older, from two retirement homes and a senior day care centre in the city of Pachuca, Mexico.

capacidad buffer de la saliva pdf to jpg

The present manuscript characterized chewing-stimulated salivary flow, pH and buffer capacity in a group of elderly Mexicans, showing that there are some changes that may be associated with certain clinical, socio-economic and behavioural variables. The samples were collected at 7: In another study 27 amrotiguadora, tooth brushing increased the production of saliva in patients affected by xerostomia.

Salivary pH Table 3 shows the bivariate analysis of salivary pH across categories of independent variables. The aim of the present study was to compare a limited array of salivary parameters salivary flow, pH and buffer capacity among Mexican elderly subjects, 60 years old and older, with associated clinical, sociodemographic and socio-economic variables.


Unstimulated salivary flow rate, pH and buffer capacity of saliva in healthy volunteers. Buffer p -value Gender Men 4.

Sawair et al 23 conducted a study among adults in Jordan and found that the greater the number of missing teeth, the lower the salivary flow. The cause and the effect were measured at the same amortgiuadora. Saliva and gastrointestinal functions of taste, mastication, swallowing and digestion.

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Support Center Support Center. The initial study group included subjects. Oxford University Press; Spanish pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. Variables and data collection The dependent variables were salivary flow, pH and buffer capacity. After obtaining the relevant permits, we invited the subjects to participate in the study, informing them about the aims of the research, the confidentiality in data management, and the fact that they could stop participating at any moment in the study.