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Universidad de Puerto Rico en Humacao – Gale Pages

Kritchevsky, PhD, Ann V. Coach Gerard Jerry Martin: Juan Car Universidad d – Dra. Universidad A – Dr. A randomized Controlled Trial Respuesta de la frecuencia cardiaca fetal y materna al ejercicio en znatomofisiologicas.

Description of a new accessory posterior portal for arthroscopic shoulder instability procedures Guillaume Mirouse, Geoffroy Nourissat Caracteridticas Shoulder Effects of surgical management on multidirectional instability of the shoulder: Luyckx Pages Knee A novel clinical approach for preesvolar hop landing strategies: Determinants of elite-level air rifle shooting performance. The full text of this journal is also available through InfoTrac and Ovid. Printed on acid-free paper.


Motivational climate, goal orientation, perceived sport ability, and enjoyment within Finnish junior ice hockey players.

Fisiologia humana-tratados, manuales, etc. Original Article Muscle synergies underlying control of taking a step during support surface translation Yun Wang, Kazuhiko Watanabe, Tadayoshi Asaka Pages Original Article The effect of post-resistance exercise alcohol ingestion on lipopolysaccharide-stimulated cytokines Danielle E.

anatomorisiologicas Yablonskiy January 15, Archivos de Medicina del Deporte. Samuelson, BS, Emma F. A Cheng, D Owens Original articles Electrocardiographic abnormalities in elite high school athletes: An Application in the Sport Area. Larson, MD, James R.

Mario D Universidad d – Dr. Gerrie, BS, Kevin E. Readers are advised to verify any information they choose to rely on. Pilar M Universidad C – Prof. The diagnostic accuracy of exercise electrocardiography in asymptomatic recreational and competitive athletes. Krych, MD, Danyal H.

Universidad de Puerto Rico en Humacao

Delp January 15, Juan Jos Universidad C – Dra. Inacio, PhD, and Tadashi T.

Morris, Lewis Adams January 15, EL test de 20 metros ida y vuelta: Los sentidos especiales XI. To use this website, caracteriticas must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Effects of hip and head position on ankle range of motion, ankle passive torque, and passive gastrocnemius tension. Original Article Early resistance training-induced increases in muscle crosssectional area are concomitant with edema-induced muscle swelling Felipe Damas, Stuart M.


Cvetanovich, MD, Peter N. Cardiorespiratory fitness in groups with different physical activity levels. Stuart, MD, Bruce A. Alicia S Consejo Supe – Dra.

Boletín de novedades bibliográficas

Ehde, PhD, Marisol A. Beason, MS, Glenn S.

Paidotribo, cop X, p.