Buy Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza now! You are not doomed by your genes and hardwired to be a certain way for. Buy Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself! by Dr. Joe Dispenza now! Join best- selling author, speaker and thought-leader Dr. Written by Dr. Joe Dispenza, Audiobook narrated by Adam Boyce. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible? Get this.

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Our body learns that, say, we react like this to this kind of comment, and so — we react. Those reminders were very helpful. Breaking the habit of Being Yourself. If there is ONE book I’d recommend when it comes to changing one’s habits in order to cultivate better ones, this is it.

I have healed a chronic condition for which I had to take pills daily after learning Dr.

Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One by Joe Dispenza

Apr 07, Neelam rated it really liked it. Secondly, if it did happen, it would have been dispenaz huge coincidence, and certainly not the result of the fact that she “electromagnetically connected to an intended destiny that existed in the quantum” and that “her body was drawn to the future event. I was enjoying this book until he references a satirical scientific study in all seriousness on page 18 to argue that prayer or beliefs can impact the past.

So if your mind yousrelf in something strongly, it can do wonders.

Still, today, I hope I can concentrate bejng forgetting what lies behind and reaching for the mark of the high calling of Christ Jesus.

I simply lost track of the salient points and found myself telling him outloud, “enough with the examples”!

I needed to take time for my meditations and to make true change in my life, and I wanted to have joy from within me and not from outside of me.

What balance of new activities and familiar favorites is the most fulfilling? Joe demystifies ancient understandings and bridges the gap between science and spirituality. Obviously, off course, some people simply skipped to pageto skip the “science stuff” and read the chapter starting on that page “The Art and Science of Mental Rehearsal”.


And more importantly, you have to change the thoughts that do not serve you. Basically, how to become your better self, or stop being your lazy self. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall.

Maybe the problem was the book’s content, but I will check the nationality of the reader next time If you could play editor, what scene or scenes would you have cut from Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself?

Most Helpful Most Recent. Get to Know Us. While I understand certain things intellectually, “something” had been missing, and it was driving me nuts, because I wasn’t seen the kinds of results that I thought I should by now. The only reason I gave a three star for the performance is because the narrator isn’t exactly incredibly engaging.

Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? Night Mode Reading Author, with all the love and respect to your person, tells you outright — if you want to be someone else — stop being yourself.

Please try again later. I had no interest in hanging out with him for five more minutes. I came upon this book quite by accident or not This book has some literally amazing examples from medical literature. Is it possible to heal by thought alone – without drugs or surgery? There is plenty of neuroscientific research supporting the benefits of meditation.

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (Audiobook) by Dr. Joe Dispenza |

I’m still using the techniques in this book and is still very effective. Having the pedantic message given in a drawl was at time painful, but he stayed on theme and read fully so got 2 stars rather than the 1 I felt like giving.

Would you dispenz the audio edition of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself to be better dispdnza the print version? We do that with far more things than we imagine. I’m not all the way through yet.

Not only will you be given the necessary knowledge to change any aspect of yourself, but you will be taught the step-by-step tools to apply what you learn in order to make measurable changes in any area of your life. It’s about being who I read a book many years ago. You get a sugar pill instead of the real medicine and it works solely because you believe it would. All these thing are real, based on our current knowledge of physics. Grab a copy and t I found this book utterly fascinating.


Really wanted to like this book I really tried but just couldn’t finish this book. Meditation, Demystifying The Mystical And Waves Of Your Future -Remind yourself who you no longer want to “be” until this becomes so familiar that you know your old self – thoughts, behaviours and emotions connected to the old you that you want to change – to the extent that you unfire and unwire the old mind away and no longer signal the same genes in the same ways.

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Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

I downloaded and followed one of the meditations, and I can already feel a positive shift inside of me regarding a life change I want to make. Everyone should read it if they want to break their old patterns of behaviour that no longer serve them.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. There is so much amazing information that you will want to meditate upon as you read it. He has received postgraduate training and continuing education in neurology, neuroscience, brain function and chemistry, cellular biology, memory formation, and aging and longevity. She read three of Joe’s books and used his meditation techniques for nine months. You dispennza not doomed habih your genes and hardwired to be a certain way for the rest of your life.

Part III is the “how to do it” part of the book – with fantastic ways and variations to do the meditation. We all have bills to pay but maybe work on that self awareness some more, buddy.

It’s because you’re not manifesting health! Joe Dispenza explores the energetic aspects of reality with sound science and provides the reader with the necessary tools to make important positive changes in their life. Return to Book Page.

I found this a bit overwhelming, so thankfully he also offers a couple of guided meditation audio files on his website to help with the process.