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This apejdiktomi design used is preexperiment with one group pretest-post design. Based on the result of the research, it is suggested that the appendectomy patients should have warm compress toincrease intestinal motility. This research used nonequivalent control group design with 24 people who are divided into 2 groups; they are control group and intervention group.

Kandou Hospital and Tk. Most patients after the surgery decreased intestinal motility because of the direct manipulation and anesthesia during the surgery. One of the fastest recoveries for intestinal motility can be done thrash applying the warm compress on the left abdomen jurmal the patients.

Relaxation Benson techniques done taxable income provision with analgesic duration of 30 minutes every day for three days. Mongisidi Teling Manado Hospital.


Recommendation can be used as a consideration and improvement of health promotion on granting relaxation techniques to decrease pain scale. Design Research use quasy experiment. Labor pain can be controlled by two methods, pharmacological and nonpharmacological technique. Lihat sumber asal di ejournal. And after before given relaxation techniques Benson carried measurement scale with numeric pain rating scale. The purpose of this research was to find out the impact of warm compresses on intestinal motility of the appendectomy patient at Bougenville room, BRSU Tabanan.

The suggestion of this study are expected toprovide a reference for the development of independent intervention of nurse in non-pharmacologicalpain management. Benson relaxation technique is a breathing technique commonly used in hospitals nursing is experiencing pain and Benson relaxation disposals elements confidence hearts form words.

Mongosidi Teling Manado Hospital. Conclusion result of this research there is effect of benson relaxation technique on a scale of postoperative pain in patients with appendicitis at Prof.

Unduh teks lengkap Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages.

Islamul Hadi – – Google Scholar Citations

In kurnal pharmacological methods there are various methods, one of themis with deep breathing relaxation techniques. Samples use the formula designs with pre and post test without control sample with 16 people. Lihat sumber asal di ejournal. Purpose is to research effects of relaxation techniques to postoperative pain scale in appendicitis patient at Prof. A pregnant mother’s pain scale at the first stage of the active phase of the average are inmoderate to severe pain.


Intestinal motility value can be obtained from the examination in all four quadrants of the abdomen using a stethoscope. Unduh teks lengkap Bahasa Indonesia, 4 pages. Appendectomy is a medical operation to remove the appendix and it must be done as soon as possible to reduce the risk of perforation.

Kandou Dan RS Tk.

NERS Jurnal Keperawatan

Title Abstract Author Affiliation. Hence Length of Stay patient will shorter. The conclusion is deep breathing relaxation techniqueson pain does have an influence on the pregnant mother’s active phase of the first stage in Puskesmas Community Health Center Bahu, City of Manado.

The purpose of this study is to see if deep breathingrelaxation techniques on pain influences the pregnant mother’s active phase of the first stage atPuskesmas Community Health Center Bahu, City of Manado. The sampling technique used is an accidentalsampling with a total 26 samples.