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Part 4 of the Ready to Fly Series. This is their story.

Kurt nodded when Blaine asked if he could take off his blazer, and Blaine fnafiction back in, taking his time as he discovered that he loved it very much when Kurt made little noises during the kissing. Blaine squeezed Kurt’s hand and smiled. Enraged, the spirit traps him into a painting and tells him only his soulmate will be able to rescue him.

It broke Blaine’s heart. If anyone deserves a happy relationship, it’s you, boo! I mean everyone deserves a shot at that honor. When klaaine let go, Kurt stood back and looked to Blaine.


Klaine | FanFiction

Kurt took a deep breath and closed his eyes before stepping out of his spot. Blaine decided to softly sing along with Kurt, and the others joined in making beats where they thought needed them. You know what we should do? Until one day, he does. Glee Kink Meme – Prompt Post Not Like the Movies by Knightlycat Fandoms: When I Get You Alone:. Kurt moved his hand up to rest on Blaine’s cheek, holding him closer.

Once Upon A Dream by lady-divine-writes.

Klaine | Archive of Our Own

We would like it if you two dummies wouldn’t fwnfiction us. Kurt was gaping at Blaine, when the boy finally looked to his boyfriend. King Of All Wild Things:.

Sleepover, a glee fanfic. Not that I’m complaining though. A horrible accident brings the two boys together. The Gossip Trap – Januarium – Glee. They both didn’t know what they were doing, but figured everything out with the help of the other. He pulled Kurt down the hall to the open dorm room door, pulling Kurt inside. When Kurt lost the things he loved the most, he hid himself away from the world – until the night Blaine crashed into his life.

Klaine fanfiction

Uniform – Jemzamia – Glee. Blaine Likes Dictionaries by helloclaude reviews Blaine really likes dictionaries, because they give him lots of different ways of defining the word ‘kiss. He saw Kurt look at him confused. Kurt reflects on the past twelve years of his life, coming to realize that one man in particular has affected him far more than he ever thought he would.


This is the story of how Kurt and Blaine meet, become friends, and get together. Because Kurt deserves a boyfriend and Blaine is perfect for the job.

He looked down more certain this time. I do not own glee or any of the characters, although one can wish.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Warbling in a New Direction Chapter 1, a glee fanfic. They needed to expand and go out of their comfort zones to win the competition.

The doctor tells him he was in a car accident. Gives Me Courage, a glee fanfic. They both bowed and Blaine suddenly pulled Kurt into the spotlight, showing him off.