Experts around the world – including NJ, NYC and the rest of the Tristate area – are choosing the Leksell Gamma Knife Icon system to treat. OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study is to introduce a new radiosurgical device , the Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion (Elekta Instruments AB, Stockholm. A new model of Leksell Gamma Knife® (LGK), known as Perfexion™ (LGK PFX), was introduced by Elekta Instrument, AB, Sweden, in This model has a.

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Coincidence of mechanical and dosimetric isocenter was established by using a special phantom which has a small needle located exactly at the geometric isocenter and can hold EBT films in the central position.

Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion™

Leksell Gamma Knife Icon is the most precise radiosurgery device on the market, limiting radiation dose to healthy tissue. It is preferred for its extreme accuracy, efficiency and outstanding perfrxion response. The concept of “dynamic shaping” of dose distribution is introduced as a means of decreasing the exposure to structures outside the target.

The head frame, with the patient, is then fastened to the treatment couch. LGK PFX LGK 4C Co sources Co sources Sources move Sources stationary and fixed in position Source-to-focus distance varies from mm to mm Source-to-focus distance fixed at mm 8 moving sectors holding 24 sources each Sources fixed in central radiation unit Collimators fixed – built in the unit Final external collimators interchangeable No collimator helmets Four collimator helmets Collimator sizes: No other non-invasive treatment method in this field has greater clinical acceptance.


Neuroscience accessories ecatalog The flexible way to find more lekselk and information on our products Browse.


This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve. Coincidence of mechanical and dosimetric isocenter was evaluated by two diferent methods. This results from the enhanced ability to shape isodose volumes, even for single isocenters. Every feature reflects patient and staff safety and comfort. Open in a separate window. All benign tumor radiosurgery treatments were performed in a single run comprising of a median of 13 isocenters range on LGK PFX. The manufacturer’s specification required agreement within 1.

A comparison of the gamma knife model C and the automatic positioning system with Leksell model B. Icon is the only technology with microradiosurgery capabilities allowing for the treatment of virtually any target in the brain with ultrahigh precision. The gamma angle is the only treatment parameter that requires manual set up. The measured FWHMs were found to be within 0.

Although the design characeristics of LGK PFX are significantly different from those of the previous models, an excellent agreement is seen among 4 mm and 8 mm collimators profiles. In PPS, instead of moving only the patient’s head, the whole body of the patient lying on the PPS is moved into the pre-selected stereotactic coordinates. Email alerts New issue alert. This is an outpatient procedure that is completed in one day.

The Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion and comparisons with its predecessors.

Design and performance characteristics are compared with previous models of the gamma knife in a clinical setting. Pathologies previously inaccessible in the head and neck are now treatable due to the increased volume of the radiation cavity. Radiation doses to critical organs in the rest of the human body are compared.


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All system functionality and safety tests were according to the specifications required by the manufacturer. Relative output factor for 16 mm collimator size is by definition 1. The unit has worked remarkable well with zero down time. Support Center Support Center.

Impact of the model C and Automatic Positioning System on gamma knife radiosurgery: If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. The radically new design of LGK PFX has had a great impact on the treatment planning software and the treatment planning. Twenty-one patients underwent radiosurgical treatment of multiple brain metastases using median 9 isocenters on LGK PFX.

Individual treatment Equally high accuracy and ease of use for frame-based or frameless treatments, and for single or multiple targets. B Detailed view of sectors; each sector holds 24 60 Co sources and can be moved independent of other sectors in desired position to define a collimator size or to block beams.

A simple scoring ratio to index the conformity of radiosurgical treatment plans.

It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in gam,a, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. The Perfexion exceeds the capabilities of previous gamma knife models in terms of treatment efficiency, conformity, and radiation protection. Sign In Forgot password?