Libretto by Michel Carré and Jules Barbier after The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Massenet gives us a Manon that is frivolous, impetuous and. Manon: Libretto [Jules Massenet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Opera). French/English. di H. Meilhac e F. Gillé ; musica di G. Massenet. (Statement Of Responsibility). U.S. RISM Libretto Project. Half-title–p. 1; legal notice–verso of title page; “Milano .

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I alone am to be blamed! Si par hasard, quelque imprudent Vous tenait un propos frivole, Dans las crainte d’un accident, Ne dites pas une parole. Au fond, une grande porte cochere ouvrant sur la rue. You will, won’t you? Des Grieux and Manon also appear. Vite a mon bane de pierre!

Oh, rest thee well on my affection, and never doubt a loving heart. Librtto went away with a young man! On n’est past seigneur sans etre un peu poete! How much will you want to take?

Mistresses of so many hearts! The guilty one is this gentleman.

But an instant of sadness I felt. My horses race me about; seeing the boldness of my life, highly placed people come forward with their hats off; I am beautiful, I am happy! C’est du dernier ga- lant! Mais c’est 1’honneur de la famille! Quelle route as-tu done suivie? The future, will it have the charms Of these dear hours, now gone so soon? He stops short and looks at a bouquet on the mantel-piece.


Manon | Libretto | English Translation |

A low knock is heard at the door. But the party was too fine. Eh bien, maitresse de ma vie, Qu’en dites-vous? This lady has to go where many of her sorts have gone.

Taking out his purse. ALL Let us there, let us there! Otello — La Scala Otello: MANON s’efforgant de sourire. But happiness is a fleeting thing, and heaven has made it so delicate that one fears it is likely to fly away! Now they will serve us! Is this the inn Where the Arras coach stops? In a moment my Manon shall be free. Has anything vexed lirbetto

Opera Today : MASSENET: Manon

I travel all roads Like a sovereign; They bow, they kiss my hands, For by beauty I’m queen! Que librettk de charmes et de beaute Soient voues pour jamais a la tombe vivante!

Oh, speak to me! La chaise d’un seigneur I have seen nothing!. La fortune n’est intraitable Qu’avec le joueur eprouve Qui souvent centre elle a lutte, Elle est douce au contraire, a celui qui commence!


What matters life or seeming glory! Between tall trees th stall of vendors of all kinds: Look at that young girl! Don’t you know her name? Think of the happy hours that remain for us both. Among gay dogs and good fellows!

Opera Today

For, if I go, I shall myself confess that with this crime I here am justly charged. Gentlemen, come, come, gentlemen, When in society your conduct must be better! By the expression of her countenance, she appears to be struggling with her- self. The archers are down there. ALL I am first! Mais ici, quand on le veut bien, Une fortune est vite retrouvee